Dedicated to All Who Proudly Served and Protected Our Country

Liberty Affairs Assisted Living is a 501(c) 3 veterans nonprofit created to assist veterans and their families with jobs, housing and healthcare. Founded by active duty military members, with the plan of providing services in Oklahoma, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, the organization will be revolutionary in the scope and potential impact it has on the persons that have so bravely served this nation.

Counseling and therapy services will be offered at the West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex in Covington, TN not to far from NSA MidSouth for a variety of conditions including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities commonly associated with war. In addition to counseling and therapy, the center will also place a heavy emphasis on the environment by leveraging a relationship with Veterans Best Seafood Inc and developing profit-producing seafood manufacturing facilities. Shrimp, tilapia, and catfish will all be sold through the manufacturing facilities with fresh fruit including melons and hydroponic vegetables also being made available.

Resonating with the targeted veteran community and fostering a level of trust will be vitally important to the overall success and long-term sustainability of the organization. While there are a variety of non-profit entities throughout the nation that have the goal of helping veterans assimilate themselves back into society, none have the potential of impacting the target sector in the manner that Liberty Affairs can have.

The network that the founder has assembled is broad and well-connected and has the ability to champion the Liberty Affairs cause in a manner that will shorten the time from market entry to impact.

Please feel free to browse our website and take a look at our business plan to learn more about how Liberty Affairs Assisted Living will protect those who have so bravely served this great nation.

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Covington Project

I like to thank everyone involved in the Covington TN manufacturing project that will bring needed jobs to veterans in the area this year. Great job team V/R Chief Antwane Bohanon

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Thank you to all the veterans of Tennessee for your support and we will be building the West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex in Covington , TN to assist with the VA hospital overflow in Sept 2018. Stay tuned to get info and updates.  

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