Agriculture / Aquaculture

Our business model was created to build on sustainable programs to introduce new jobs into the economy.

This is how our job placement and training comes in to play: there will always be a need for fresh fruits and vegetables along with seafood from the agriculture / aquaculture side.

The items in the program consist of large shrimp, a variety of fish, lettuce, tomatoes and a wide assortment of fruits and other vegetables. By getting back into the environment we create the need and facilitate the jobs, basic supply and demand. This program is not just for Hawaii but all across the United States.

Utilities will be provided from our solar and reverse osmosis facilities in a 50/50 split with the local utilities company.

Aquaculture Press Releases

These are articles about our aquaculture organizer, Dr. Addison Lawrence of Texas A&M:

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New Aquaculture Technology – Texas A&M Presentation

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