West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex and Mobile Care Unit

mobile unit West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex

Liberty Affairs Assisted Living understand the problems associated with the military such as PTSD — a potentially debilitating anxiety disorder triggered by exposure to a traumatic experience such as an interpersonal event like physical or sexual assault, exposure to disaster or accidents, combat, or witnessing a traumatic event. The West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex and the mobile medical care unit for rural area veterans will be counseling and therapy plans developed to meet the unique needs of veterans throughout the four branches of the military.  The complex will be located in Covington , TN not to far from the MidSouth Naval Base, the organization will be revolutionary in the scope and potential impact it has on the persons that have so bravely served this nation. Counseling and therapy services will be offered for a variety of conditions including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities commonly associated with war. In addition to counseling and therapy, the center will place a heavy emphasis on VA medical benefit packages to help aide the overwhelmed government entity due to the large concentration of veterans in the Shelby county, Tipton county and Fayette county which adds up to 75,000 veterans, by dedicating entire 3rd floor to the VA for free to establish a satellite station in our facility. This is the largest concentration of veterans in the state of Tennessee so in order to meet the need we all must pull all resources to solve the problem of the benefit backlog.  Also job training and preventive medicine from participating physicians will help the VA’s long patient wait time and heavy traffic associated with parking. Resonating with the targeted veteran community and fostering a level of trust will be vitally important to the overall success and long-term sustainability of the organization. While there are a variety of non-profit entities throughout the nation that have the goal of helping veterans assimilate themselves back into society, none have the potential of impacting the target sector in the manner that the West Tennessee Complex can have. The network that Liberty Affairs has assembled is broad and well connected and has the ability to champion the Liberty Affairs cause in a manner that will shorten the time from market entry to impact.

Marketing for this organization will be done through a variety of mediums including networking, the Internet, trade shows and print. Networking will be done at events and trade shows that typically attract veterans both old and new. These types of functions provide the ideal opportunity to reach this segment and develop a level of trust that has in many cases been lacking with this segment of the market. The Internet efforts will consist of a strong website that is developed with the latest in online technologies. The website will feature all pertinent organization information as well as detailed biographies for all of the key Physicians and the management staff and board. Print marketing will round out the Liberty Affairs marketing model. Print marketing will consist of a variety of collaterals with content and messaging that is developed to resonate strongly with the target audience. All of these elements will combine to give Liberty Affairs a comprehensive marketing model that will consistently drive interest and awareness regarding the services being made available. To achieve the stated objectives, Liberty Affairs is seeking funding in the amount $20.5 million through grants and other private donations.

Funding that is acquired will be used in a variety of areas including developing the planned 10 acre site as well as the building the 3 story 150,000 sqft complex, equipment to manage the complex as well as a four story parking structure with 400 parking stalls to operate efficiently. Ground breaking scheduled for Sept 2018.